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Generating real choice

Whether you’€™re running a business, a farm, a construction site or you’€™re simply someone who likes to get away in a caravan or motorhome, Oxtrad Tools can make sure you have a reliable power generator on hand. You might be looking to ensure you have back-up in the event of a power cut or you may be planning to put the generator to regular use. Either way, you have the reassurance that we’€™re an approved Hyundai distributor and have over 30 years’€™ experience in supplying equipment.

And our business isn’€™t limited to power generators either. On this site, you can find power tools, workwear and protective gear, as well as equipment for site security and material handling.

Whatever quote you get elsewhere, we’€™ll do our best to beat it. What’€™s more, we offer discounts for trade customers and for larger orders. If you get in touch with us directly, we’€™ll be delighted to give you a quote.