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Armorgard Forma-stor

Unfortunately, thefts of tools and work equipment is on the rise. Many tradesmen are losing out on money, resources, and time because of thefts. These thefts generally occur on worksites and directly from work vans. It’s all too easy for a thief to spot an opportunity as they walk past a site, and quickly grab […]

Benefits of heaters from Oxtrad Tools Ltd

The range of heaters Oxtrad Tools Ltd offer are suitable for use in domestic, construction, industrial, and commercial applications. There are many types of heaters powered by different fuels i.e., Propane Gas, Electric 110v, 240v, and 3 phase and Diesel. The direct space heater is a very cost-effective system, powered by LPG suitable for use […]

LED lighting

The Elite range of LED lighting is a commercial range of indoor and outdoor site lighting and offers a number of advantages over conventional lighting systems including energy efficiency. LED lighting is 95% efficient compared with 5% for halogen bulbs and 85% for fluorescent tubes. LED bulbs have a longer life span, use less wattage […]

Stephill Generators

Stephill Generators design and manufacture their range of generators in the UK. Established in 1985 Stephill is the largest volume manufacturer of portable petrol and diesel generators in the UK. The Stephill Generator range, are competitively and robustly priced industrial units. Starting at 2kVA through to 117kVA. Supplying generators to construction, industrial, commercial, domestic, and […]

Armorgard Forma-Stor

The Armorgard Forma-Stor  the new flat pack container. A quick?assembly, modular solution for secure on-site storage.  With theft of tools and equipment on the increase, the Forma-stor is a secure store that can be constructed anywhere in as little as 10 minutes. With 5-lever deadlocks and jemmy-proof joins. Forma-Stor is the most robust flat-pack storage solution available.  An ideal solution […]

Armorgard Strimmersafe

The ultra-tough Armorgard Strimmersafe is a secure range of vaults for storing strimmers and other long handled   tools.  Equally suited for use in vehicles or workshops, this highly secure vault benefits from an ultra-tough anti-force   construction and an innovative heavy-duty locking mechanism. Once the lid is shut and locked, the strimmer   is impossible to remove.  The lid is fitted with hydraulic gas struts for easy […]

Armorgard Strimmersafe Rack

The Armorgard Strimmersafe Rack is the unique upright storage system for securing your strimmers.  This multi-purpose storage system can be used to secure up to five strimmers, or similar machines such as hedge cutters and chainsaws.  Robustly constructed, the Armorgard Strimmersafe has twin 5-lever deadlocks, serial numbered for easy key replacement, and a hinged heavy-duty welded lid. The unit can also be bolted to a wall […]

Armorgard Loadall

The Armorgard Loadall Board Carrier, easy handling and protection of your materials from damage whilst   Transporting sheet material around construction sites and warehouses.  Robust, swivelling wheels make light work of manoeuvring a fully loaded trolley, even through doorways  and round corners. Heavy duty castors fitted as standard, all 4 able to swivel and 2 with brakes.  Available in 4 different sizes and weight capacities and the […]

Armorgard Trekdror

What could be more useful than the range of Armorgard TrekDrors. Lightweight, stackable tool drawers for vehicles and small spaces. Available in 3 sizes, these van vaults are stackable with in-built fixing points to the casings allowing them to be stacked or bolted down.   Every Armorgard TrekDror is encased in 1.5mm corrugated steel with reinforced ribs together with the 5-lever deadlocks to give you that extra layer of security. 

Armorgard Transbank Chem

The Armorgard Chembank Hazardous Storage Box. Fully complies with all COSHH regulations for the safe storage and transportation of chemicals.  Popular for external fixed applications where security is also an issue. Ultra-robust 5-lever deadlocks on both sides and anti-cut rollers in deadbolt. Robust chubb style keys supplied.      This chemical safe has a fully welded and tested sump base to prevent leakage. High and low level ventilation to […]