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Hyundai Generators and Power Equipment

Hyundai Generators & Power Equipment – Inverter Generators, Petrol Generators, Diesel Generators, Single Phase Generators, Three Phase Generators, Pressure Washers, Water Pumps & Air Compressors.


Hyundai Generators. We offer a wide range of generators ranging from small portable leisure units through to high capacity industrial three phase machines.

  • Leisure generators producing single phase power, a simple sine wave, runs at ratings from 1kw up to to 3.4kw. These Hyundai generators are ideal for caravan and motorhome users. There is also a simple conversion kit which allows any such Hyundai generators to run off LPG. This is proving to be a very popular option with campers, glampers and caravan enthusiasts of all kinds.
  • Hyundai also offers a range of open frame petrol-fueled generators that have been designed specifically for use in the domestic and commercial sector. Housed in sturdy and protective open frames, these generators units are equally at home with construction and automotive or for use in the domestic market.
  • Hyundai’s 3000rpm diesel generators are designed to provide standby power for homes and small businesses in the event of power cuts.
  • Hyundai’s 1500rpm Diesel generators typically serve as either standby or primary power units. They are available with power outputs from 11kva to 120kva, supplying either single or three phase power. These are suitable for both domestic and industrial applications.

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