Armorgard Site and Hazardous Storage Boxes

Armorgard Site and Hazardous Storage Boxes

Armorgard Site and Hazardous Storage Boxes product range is relevant to many markets the uses for the equipment is far-reaching. Armorgard products are strong enough for any environment you place it in so what could you use Armorgard for ?

Site and Vehicle Storage

There are 3 options for site boxes within the Armorgard range Oxbox, Tuffbank and Strongbank for the construction, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.

The Oxbox is a medium duty tool vault where the budget is of consideration. Units to suit van’s and truck’s as well as site boxes and site chests.

The Tuffbank is built to a very high specification using a heavy-duty steel plate construction, anti-jemmy technology and 2 deadlocks Chubb like keys. Units suitable for van and truck applications as well as site boxes and site chests.

The Strongbank is the virtually indestructible box manufactured from 3mm and 5mm steel plate with vulnerable areas specially strengthened together with anti-jemmy technology and 2 deadlocks Chubb like keys.determined to deter even the most determined thief. Available for van and truck usage and site applications.

A new addition to the Armorgard range is the Forma-stor and the Formastor COSHH. A modular quick-assembly on-site storage unit with 5 lever deadlocks and jemmy proof joins.

Storage cabinets such as the Tuffstor and Fittingstor units to keep your M & E components safe. Constructed from steel plate with 2 x deadlock heavy duty Chubb style keys. Mounted on heavy-duty casters.

Hazardous Storage

A wide range of hazardous materials storage units including the Flambank, Flamstor cabinet designed to COSHH regulations. The Transbank designed to hold jerry cans. Built to 30 minutes fire resistants, flame arrester gauze fitted on all boxes and fully welded sump base. Suitable site and vehicle use.

The Armorgard Chembank, Safestor and Chemcube, security units built to all relevant HSE requirements.

The Gorilla gas cages are modular units for safe storage of LPG cylinders. Available in 16 different sizes

Material Handling

A range of equipment to store and move pipes and boards around the construction site with ease.

Turntable trucks and sack trucks are also available