Mexco GPX10-15 Diamond Blade General Purpose 115-350mm

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Mexco GPX10-15 Diamond Blade General Purpose 115-350mm

Mexco GPX10-15 Diamond Blade General Purpose 115-350mm have been specifically designed for cutting a wide range of building materials. This Mexco blade uses a high diamond concentration and the highest quality ingredients knowing that the user could be cutting a wide variety of non-abrasive building materials such as Reinforced Concrete, Hard Limestone and Concrete Paviours.

The GPX10-15 has 15mm castellated segments with angled gullets for quick debris removal with cooling holes to aid heat dissipation. Can be used either wet or dry.

GPX10-15 Blade Sizes

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115  x 22.23mm
230 x 22.23mm
300 x 20.00mm
350 x 20.00mm
350 x 25.40mm

GPX10-15 Data Sheet

GPX10-15 Applications


Medium Facing Brick, Hard Slate, River Gravel Aggregate Concrete, Flint Aggregate Concrete,
Concrete Kerbs, Concrete Slabs, Reinforced Lintels, Hard Limestone, Limestone Aggregate Concrete, Concrete Paviours

It will cut but may shorten the life of the blade

Non-Abrasive Indian Sandstone, Hard Facing Brick, Soft Facing Brick, Concrete Blocks Over 15kn, Hard Sandstone

For Use On These Machines

Angle Grinders, Disc Cutters, Bench Saws, Floor Saws

Who Are Mexco?

Mexco has produced a comprehensive range of diamond cutting discs to deal with the most demanding of applications. These products can cut the hardest of materials from granite to the most abrasive of applications such as asphalt or tarmac.
To combat the difficulties of cutting the hardest of floor and wall tiles Mexco have produced fast and effective cutting solutions that effortlessly cut through the hardest of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and granite tiles

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115  x 22.23mm, 230 x 22.23mm, 300 x 20.00mm, 350 x 20.00mm, 350 x 25.40mm

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